Searching for a Special Occasion favors? Wedding? Birthday Party?

Chocolate Stop is exactly what you are looking for...

We offer a Fabulous, Fanciful, Elegant & Delicious array of Chocolates for your special occasion needs. 

* Various colour & filling selections * Fine quality * 

Come, get your pretty choc at Chocolate Stop! 

Latest Value Package! Buy by the pieces in bulk order

Chocolate with almond nut in the centre, set in cups (rose or heart shape)

RM 450 - 1000 pieces * RM 850 - 2000 pieces

This package would suit all budget, you can easily match the chocs into your own selected bags/boxes for your wedding/events.  

Call us to order!


:::::::: Chocolate Hantaran Set ::::::::

  • 1 set consists of 9 oreochocs
  • Each oreochoc has 1 piece oreo cookie in the centre 


:::::::: Box Made from Chocolate ::::::::

  •  Big - size is about 10cm x 15cm (half of A4 paper)
  • The whole box is made of chocolates, all parts are edible
  • Suitable as wedding hantaran or gifts

  • The whole box is made of chocolates, all parts are edible
  • Small size: min 2 units per order
  • Suitable as wedding hantaran or special gifts


::::::::  LOLLICHOC  ::::::::

Lollichoc Type and Colour Choices
a. Original – brown chocolate colour
b. Colourful – 2 colours only per order, pls choose colour from list
i.e love shape – pink in the centre with purple colour on the outside


::::::::  OREO Chocolate  ::::::::

Oreo Chocolate Shape and Colour Choices
a) 3 Shapes available - Rose, Love, Flower, 
b) Please choose colour from the colour list

Each oreochoc has 1 piece oreo cookie in the centre


::::::::  Praline Chocolate  ::::::::

Let our whimsical Praline Choc COLOUR your Special Occasions. You may choose from a range of shapes,colours and filling types. 

You may choose up to 2 colours per order
i.e Box of 4, white and green colour = 1 box has 2 green rose and 2 white rose

Colour list - up to 2 colours per order
Turqouise Blue, Olive Green, Apple Green, Mango Tango, Cherry Red, Carnation Pink, Violet Purple, Pearl White and Original Brown.

You may choose 1 filling per order, all praline choc in a box has the same filling
Filling type: Hazelnut, rice crispies, mocha, orange, oreo, mint, raisins